A group wants to use agriculture to boost the economy.

Oginni Olaposi Sunday, the national president of Yoruba Elite in Politics (YEP), emphasized the necessity of a team effort to resurrect Nigeria’s economic might via agricultural revitalisation.

He made the announcement yesterday at the Cocoa Revolution Project launch and press briefing, acknowledging that citizens and the government have a shared responsibility for accomplishing the country’s economic revival.

Because of the nation’s great reliance on oil, Sunday highlighted the negative repercussions of ignoring cocoa growers and output, noting that the depreciation of the naira was a direct result of declining exports.

He tasked President Bola Tinubu with proclamating an agricultural state of emergency.

The group emphasized that in order to hasten economic recovery, Nigeria’s natural and human resources must be properly used for maximum agricultural output.

It’s obvious that The Southwest Governors needed to lend this effort more support if it was to succeed. Using this platform, we are requesting the full cooperation of the governors of Southwest Nigeria for this endeavor. It is recommended that the moribonds farm communities be transformed into “COCOA REVOLUTION Villages” complete with amenities that would motivate young cocoa farmers to continue working on the project.

In his own words: “We are also urging the Red and Green Chamber MPs to move quickly to propose and pass legislation that would support agricultural exports and production. This enjoins all members of the national and state assemblies to support agriculture in their respective areas of constituency.

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