is a Nigerian online company that specializes in the exchange and sale of commodities through e-commerce, conveys updates about commodity prices in Nigeria and general news about those commodities. It began operations in 2018 on a simple idea: bringing news and prices of commodities through the eyes of the ordinary Nigerians (local market) up to the international level via the World Wide Web and the exchange and sale of such commodities online in Nigeria. uses the local standard rate of exchange which are Mudu, Kilogram, bowl, Paint Bucket, Bag amongst others to quantify the commodities on its dashboard.

Nigeria is not producing enough of what we eat and not exporting enough to earn foreign exchange, with these in mind the government is taking a sharp turn towards diversifying the economy from oil to farming by encouraging more agricultural activities in the country.At we are driven by great passion to reduce extortion of agricultural producers by market forces and middlemen within and outside the country.

Knowing how much to sell and how much to buy agricultural commodities is as essential as producing those commodities themselves, this factor determines whether more people will be enthusiastic to invest in agriculture or not. is working towards providing veritable platforms for the citizenry to invest in agriculture by ensuring all stakeholders are treated fairly.

We also invest in research and other activities to help empower farmers with the technical know-how to help them increase their produce by engaging them with new technological innovations they can adopt through our live & daily updated and reliable news and articles. seeks to use these local rates to promote Nigerian Commodities, thereby shielding the local Nigerian trader from direct negative foreign influence at the same time co-relating both international rates and local rates to get a cohesion in favor of both market. has an array of correspondence spread in all parts of the country that helps in collecting the data necessary for running the platform.

Our operations stems from our Missions, which is durable. It states our purpose as an entity and function as the metric which we weigh our operations. The missions are…

  • Enhance uniformity in the prices of commodities throughout the country
  • To bring to light, live commodity news from the local traders and serve them to the world
  • To create a platform in which commodities can be exchanged online to the Nigeria market
  • To be able to predict and forecast prices of commodities in Nigeria to a certain degree
  • To be able to rate the Nigerian commodities market using the Nigerian scale
  • Reduce the stress of consumers on knowing where to buy, how to buy, how to transport commodities to their doorsteps or where it is needed

Our vision guides every facet of our operations by stating our goal to help us maintain continuous growth. Our vision is to be an effective commodity data collection and exchange platform that will provide the most close to accurate data about commodities in Nigeria and to also be a responsible organization that helps in enhancing positive change.

Uche Emmanuel Nwaedozie
Chief Operations Officer
An Enterprising, all inspiring and innovative person, Uchenna has a background in business administration and planning, Civil engineering and computer technology. He is also a great fan of the social media.
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Ibrahim Muhammad
Chief Financial Officer
Ibrahim is among the founders of and serves as the Chief financial officer. In his role he is charged with keeping the financial records and coming up with ideas to help source for funds for the entity...
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Mukhtar Sabiu
System Analyst
I'm a UI & Graphic Designer from Kaduna, Nigeria. I enjoy taking and analyzing complex problems and turning them into simple and beautiful interface designs. I also love the logic and structure of coding and always strive to write elegant and efficient codes. (iCode).
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Muhammad Hamidu
Web Developer
I am a web designer, front-end web developer and a programmer . I'm devoted to modern and clean designs, I am an advocate of structure, purity and simplicity in both design and code. Beautiful is better than ugly.
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Bello Umar
Head, Business Development and Marketing

Bello has a background in architecture and real estate, but tops the list of his diverse interests with agriculture - having engaged himself in small-scale urban farming. He yearns for the effective application of IT systems and support in filling the various gaps in the Nigerian agricultural value chain, especially post-production. He is currently a business development and marketing partner with

Over some couple of months, our family have grown from just four founders to about 20 amazing visionaries all working towards achieving the objective and purpose of this platform. has correspondents all across the 6 Geo-political zones in the country who feed us with all the information required for the smooth running of this establishment. We engage our team members in extensive training to help broaden our horizon in harnessing more creative ways of improving agriculture in the country.