Agrictech set to empower farmers in Nigeria

No doubt, Agriculture has become a key area of focus for investors globally as it networks with local farmers and cooperatives to provide commodities for the country and international market swells daily.

This is considered to be a great investment because Nigeria has large expanses of fertile farmlands, particularly with the population of over two hundred million people that depends on staple foods produced from farms for daily meals.

The recent introduction of Agritech program for farmers is an added value to the Agriculture business in the country.

Agritech Nigeria Program is expected to create job opportunities for Nigerians while at the same provide a range of tools to improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers (agriculture plus technology).

CEO of Agritech group Nigeria, Kwende William said that “the solution to the world food and energy crisis is to build farmers’ capacities to implement sustainable and efficient agricultural practices”.

It is a reality that Nigeria will soon attain its full capacity in the utilization of agriculture, and farming will become her great foreign currency earner more than oil.

This reality has made the organizations rise to encourage people to go into agriculture and increase agricultural productivity with technology.

Recently, the Governor of Osun state, Rauf Aregbesola bought into this idea so much that Osun state joined forces with the Federal Government to organize the International Agro-Technology Exibition and Conference.

Poverty amongst small-scale farmers is accountable to problems of low use of mechanization, poor agricultural extension systems, poor road networks, inadequate market information, and lack of access to credit and quality inputs such as fertilizer and seed. And solutions are proffered to these problems in the Agritech Nigeria Program.

As Nigeria has found this to be the solution the absolute dependence on oil, improvement on her natural resources and the eradication of hunger, she should build on it like a life line.

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