To promote efficient and developmental agriculture, the Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo has encouraged Nigerians to adopt innovative agriculture which is key to human survival and growth.

Obasanjo who made this known at the Grand Award Night for the 2022 Nigeria Prize for Literature, Science and Literary Criticism, organized by the Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) in Lagos, emphasized the need to encourage innovations in food security.

He explained that with innovations in Nigeria’s agriculture, eradication of hunger and poverty, availability of raw materials for domestic and foreign exchange is possible to aid the nation’s capacity building.

In his words, “Way back when humans were primarily hunters, they saw the need to cultivate and grow plants and livestock for sustenance, and then in exchange for other goods.With increased success, cottage industries bloomed and that principle of survival has still not changed after millions of years,We can adopt world-class best practices and leap with giant strides into the future.We can collaborate on exchange of ideas and invest in research and development,Obasanjo said. Expressing his satisfaction towards NLNG’s choice of science prize theme, which is ‘Innovations in Food Security,’ he regarded it as appropriate, as it reflects its essentiality in boosting food sufficiency. In my view, agriculture is the most ancient and proven industry for mankind.What I am saying is that agriculture is synonymous with human survival and development. We need to encourage innovations in food security, eradicate hunger and poverty, secure raw materials for domestic and foreign exchange, and we will see the nation develop,” Obasanjo said.

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