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Soya Beans


Gombe, usually referred to as Gombe State to distinguish it from the city of Gombe, is located in the northeastern part of Nigeria, is one of the country's 36 states; its capital is Gombe. The boundaries of the state roughly correspond to those of the Tangale-Waja Chiefdom and Gombe Emirate, a traditional state.
Gombe is located in the centre of the north east of the country on latitude 9”30’ and 12”30’N, Longitude 8”5’and 11”45’E.
Land AreaThe State occupies a total land area of about 20,265sqkm. ClimateWarm, exceeding 40″c during the hottest month (March – May) TopographyMainly mountainous, undulating and Hilly to the South-East and flat open plains in the Central, North, North-East, West and North-West.
LocationLatitude 9”30’ and 12”30’N, Longitude 8”5’and 11”45’E. The state lies in the centre of North east Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria. It shares common boundaries with Adamawa and Taraba State to the South, Bauchi State to the West, Borno State to the East and Yobe State to the North.VegetationGombe is generally a Guinea Savannah grassland with concentration of wood lands in the South East and South West. RainfallAnnual Average of 850mm.The people of Gombe state are primarily farmers producing food and cash crops, they include Cereals:Maize, Soghum,Rice and wheats: Legumes: Cowpeas, groundnuts,soya beans and bambara nuts. Fruits: Orange, Lemon, Mango, Guava, Paw-paw and grapes. Vegetables: Tomatoes, pepper, onions, okra, pumpkin and melon. Tree Crops: Gum Arabic, Kenaf, sugar cane, sunflower and ginger. 

Benue State Commodity Prices

S/NCommodityPrice (₦)Quantity Market Date
1Pepper 5010 Pieces Ugboju 11/5/2017
2Okro5010 Pieces Ugboju 11/5/2017
3White Yam1,0003 TubbersUgboju 11/5/2017
4Onions2004 Pieces Ugboju 11/5/2017
5Garri25,0001 BagUgboju 11/5/2017

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