H.E Goodluck Jonathan (Former President) becomes the new African Agriculture Technology Foundation Ambassador

The African Foundation helps Sub-Saharan African farmers by offering them useful technological solutions that might address their problems with farm productivity and enhance their standard of living.

In recognition of his inspirational leadership in reshaping agriculture in the nation, former president Goodluck Jonathan has been named the African Agriculture Technology Foundation’s (AATF) Goodwill ambassador in Africa.

The AATF’s Executive Director, Dr. Canisius Kanangire, stated during the ceremony in Abuja that former President Jonathan had demonstrated steadfast dedication to promoting and transforming agriculture under his Administration.

Dr. Kanangire outlined how former president Goodluck Jonathan’s contribution to the advancement of biotechnology by endorsing the Biosafety regulations while serving as president led to his selection as the AATF Ambassador.

Dr. Kanangire noted that the AATF had created creative answers to problems facing farmers in the agricultural sector through collaboration with the government and other foreign partners.

The Executive Director urged for further collaboration to close the production gap in agriculture, noting that via its efforts, some crops, such as BT Cowpea and cotton, have been released to farmers and that TELA maize and other crops would soon be on the market.

“As we observe this historic event, let us keep in mind that change is a collective effort. Governments, business partners, civil society organizations, and people all have a part to play in determining the agricultural landscape of Africa. Let’s be motivated by Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s dedication and leadership, and work together to build a sustainable and resilient future.

“Let us work together to build a sustainable and resilient agricultural sector that empowers farmers, feeds communities, and uplifts nations. Let us be inspired by the leadership and devotion that Dr. Goodluck Jonathan exemplifies.

The current administration, according to state minister of agriculture and rural development Dr. Sabi Abdullahi, is dedicated to using agriculture to advance the nation’s socioeconomic situation.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan responded by stating that due to the continent’s rapid population growth, productivity must be improved and food security must be maintained for all African nations.

“We can assure food security, combat poverty, and improve the lives of our people through advancing agriculture.

‘’A key central person in this endeavour is the smallholder farmer -the person that feeds all who live in towns and the promise that agriculture offers to uplifting their lives. That person deserves to benefit from their sweat and investment in agriculture and that person also deserves to live a fulfilling, healthy life. Technology can offer that.”

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