Israel and FCTA will collaborate on agriculture and security

Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, has stated that his government is open to working with the State of Israel on issues related to agricultural and capital security.

Wike made this statement on Tuesday during a courtesy visit to the minister’s office in Abuja by Mr. Michael Freeman, the Israeli ambassador to Nigeria.

Wike asserted that the FCT had a favorable environment for agriculture and that the FCTA planned to construct farms there and hire adolescents as a method of providing them with productive work.

He gave the ambassador his word that the FCTA would keep creating an atmosphere where investors could operate legal enterprises in the FCT.

Wike stated that the FCT faced security issues, similar to other big cities across the globe, but was ready to collaborations with the State of Israel to strengthen security.

Yes, there have been a few security failures, but as you are aware, security concerns are prevalent. Wike stated, “We are working very hard to ensure that we nip in the bud, anything that would give us any unwanted press.You are aware that nobody can guarantee complete security everywhere in the globe because you know it is impossible. However, we will do all in our power to cooperate and work as a team whenever possible to assist us eliminate some degree of insecurity in the city. But be assured that we are willing to work.

The minister also addressed recent press reports that several embassies, high commissions, and government entities were in arrears on ground rent payments, emphasizing that the government’s efforts were not directed at any specific party but rather were intended to increase internally produced income in the FCT.

He said, “We’re also working to increase our domestically produced earnings so that we can meet our people’s developmental demands. Therefore, the purpose is not to bring any embassy or commission into disrepute, but rather to call attention to the fact that this has not been done.

Freeman told the minister of a capacity-building project for young Nigerians in the FCT while reassuring him that the Israeli embassy was dedicated to abiding by current norms and regulations in the FCT,while he informed the minister of an ongoing capacity-building project for young Nigerian entrepreneurs and innovators from across the country.

We recruit young entrepreneurs and innovators from all around Nigeria for a six-month program. We intentionally bring them to Abuja because we claim that it is the capital to mentor them, train them, and provide them with local Nigerians and Israelis to help them build their businesses, create jobs, and work, and then we provide them with the chance for funding and finance to grow them, he said.

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