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Soya Beans


Kaduna was created on 27th May, 1967 out of the former Northern region by the then regime of General Murtala Mohammed. Katsina State was created out of it in the state creation exercise of 1987. It's capital is Kaduna. Kaduna state is located at the centre of Northern Nigeria. It has a political significance as the former administrative headquarters of the North during the colonial era. The state shares boundaries with Niger State to the west, Zamfara, Katsina and Kano states to the north, Bauchi and Plateau States to the east and FCT Abuja and Nassarawa state to the south. Kaduna State occupies 46,053 square kilometres. Zaria is one of the major towns in Kaduna state and is very rich in history. Queen Amina ruled Zaria and was known as a great warrior, her territories stretching as far to Bauchi in the east and extending as far south as the River Niger. She build a walled town wherever she conquered.
The state is located at the Northern part of Nigeria's High Plains. The vegetation cover is Sudan Savannah type, characterized by scattered short trees, shrubs and grasses. Soil type is mostly loamy to sandy type. Substantial amount of clay is found also.
Kaduna state is blessed with minerals which include clay, serpentine, asbestos, amethyst, kyannite, gold, graphite and siltimanite graphite, which is found in Sabon Birnin Gwari, in the Birnin Gwari local government. This is an important raw material used in the manufacture of pencils, crucibles, electrodes, generator brushes and other sundry parts.

Kaduna State Commodity Prices

S/NCommodityPrices (₦)Quantity Market Date
1Rice6001 muduCentral 8/7/2017
2Garri3501 muduCentral 8/7/2017
3Red Beans5001 muduCentral 8/7/2017
4White Beans4001 muduCentral 8/7/2017

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