Mubatek enterprises is an IT company that specialises in solving problems using state of the art innovative technologies. The company was set up in 2017 as a general consultancy company with main focus on providing workable solutions using technology integrated creative measures. The company was created to bridge the gap between modern technologies and the traditional methods of doing things in Nigeria. It was formed by a group of young and agile entrepreneurs with diverse background and experience to ensure the smooth running of the establishment and provide a basic foundation for meeting challenging goals and projects. Our objectives, mission and vision are designed to represent our core mandate which is to be problem solvers in Nigeria and beyond. The company will be a mother to so many planned project that will provide solutions to different sector of the Nigerian economy. Delivering superb service is very key to us, this is why we implement the four key elements of a successful service delivery system which are service culture, employee engagement, service quality and customer experience. Mubatek will lead the way in the future of creating technology based solutions in Nigeria and hopefully beyond.

Team Work


Our vision guides every facet of our operations by stating our goal, which is to be an industry leader in providing workable solutions to key problems that are deterring the growth prospect of the country.


Our operations stems from our Missions, which is durable. It states our purpose as an entity and function as the metric which we weigh our operations. These missions include…

  •  Unlocking the potential of Human creativity by creating workable solutions to problem
  •  Educating the general populace about technology integration in respect to solving problems
  •  Bringing creative project to life.


We are a composition of passionate, hardworking and committed individuals with diverse background, from different field of works all working together to achieve the vision of this organisation. We have the best consultant from different sectors of the economy ready to offer their support to the workings of this company. Aside from the founding members and external consultant that makes up the human strength of Mubatek enterprise, we are attracting and employing the best minds in the society to help in achieving the goals of this company.



As a company we have some principles that guide every facet of our activities, Mubatek enterprise fetch all of its guidance from these key three principles

Our Services: we dedicate our time and resources in ensuring that we offer the best services in the form of workable solutions to problems deterring the growth of the country. We create these solutions with accurate and up to date information and delivers them on a timely basis when it’s needed the most.

 Incorporating Technology: Technology offers easier and better ways of doing things, Mubatek enterprise ensures all its solutions are integrated with the best and current technology to make it very functional and competitive.

Making Lives better: We are dedicated to making the lives of Nigerians better by offering solutions to the major problems faced by the country, this will ensure an upgraded living standard for the citizens. We create an atmosphere where innovation takes the lead and give both young and old people an avenue to rob minds and formulate the best policies to help us do better as a country.

Unique Selling Propositions (USP)

Mubatek Enterprise is a revolutionary establishment much needed by Nigeria as a country. Some of our revolutionary measures will include putting out innovative technologies to make lives better, young and agile youth who are invested in creating a better Nigeria and engaging in innovative research and development designed to find and provide better solutions to problems in the country. Additionally, we will also teach local citizens in rural areas how to use simple technology to achieve economic of scale and finally, we will keep our integrity in check by ensuring we deliver on our promises, we will achieve all of these effectively by creating a friendly working environment where all our family members will work efficiently and comfortably

Enterprise and Solutions Architecture

When coming up with a solution, we create the software, hardware, document and provide supporting manpower which will make it very workable and implementable to solve the spotlight problem. We start formulation of solutions by having a really deep understanding of the problems and uncovering the root cause by walking through the actual challenge to gain first-hand experience of the root cause. We gather requirements by engaging all principal stakeholders to obtain their views, we envision the solution, evaluate the options available, choose a particular option that will offer a more favourable solution to the problem and communicate all of this to our developers to bring the solutions to life. We translate our core values, mission and vision into a realizable blueprint for innovative change to solve problems.