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Plateau is the twelfth largest state of Nigeria, and is located approximately in the center of the country. It is geographically unique in Nigeria because its boundaries surround the Jos Plateau, having the entire plateau in its central and northern part. The capital is Jos.
Plateau State is celebrated as "The Home of Peace and Tourism", an image that has been fractured in recent years by Muslim-Christian clashes in the state. Plateau State gets its name from the Jos Plateau. It has a population of around 3.5 million people.
 Jos Plateau rises to about 5,250 feet (1,600 m) above sea level in the state’s north-central part, and the Benue River valley stretches along the southwestern border. Although there are wooded valleys in the southeast, the vegetation is mostly open grassland (formerly wooded but now with only occasional hedges of cacti and scattered trees), which is used for grazing and farming. Although the state is best known for its mining production, agriculture is the major occupation of the people. Acha (a grain known as “hungry rice”) and millet are the chief cash crops; yams, sorghum, corn (maize), potatoes, cowpeas, rice, fruits, and vegetables are the staple crops.
Plateau state is the most important mining area in Nigeria and is a major exporter of tin and columbite. The tin is smelted just outside Jos, the state capital and its largest town. The metals are shipped by rail to Port Harcourt for export. Other minerals, notably tantalite, kaolin, tungsten (wolfram), zircon, and thorium compounds, are also exploited on the plateau. Lead, zinc, and silver are mined on a small scale in the eastern part of the state around Wase, Zurak, and Kigom.

Plateau State Commodity Prices (Jos)

S/NCommodityPrice (₦)QuantityMarketDate
1Beef1,2001 KilloAbattoir10/5/2017
2Sweet Potatoes5004 TubersAbattoir10/5/2017
3White Yam10003 TubersAbattoir10/5/2017
4Cabbage1001 PieceAbattoir10/5/2017
5Tomatoes2004 PiecesAbattoir10/5/2017
6Pepper2005 PiecesAbattoir10/5/2017
7Carrot1003 PiecesAbattoir10/5/2017
8cucumber501 PieceAbattoir10/5/2017
9White Maize Grain2201 MuduAbattoir10/5/2017
10Yellow Maize Grain2501 MuduAbattoir10/5/2017
11Egusi2001 Big TinTermnius22/5/2017
12Stock Fish2001 TieTermnius22/5/2017
13White Yam5001 TuberTermnius22/5/2017
14Okro1005 PiecesTermnius22/5/2017
15Onions501 PieceTermnius22/5/2017
16Pepper505 PiecesTermnius22/5/2017
17Banana2501 BunchTermnius22/5/2017
18Carrot12001 BunchFarin-Gada27/5/2017
19Green Beans10001 Paint BucketFarin-Gada27/5/2017
20Garlic12001 LeatherFarin-Gada27/5/2017
Small Bucket
Medium Bucket
22Avogadro pear6001 Paint BucketFarin-Gada27/5/2017
23Ginger1501 basketFarin-Gada27/5/2017
24Orange3501 paint bucketFarin-Gada27/5/2017
25Water melon3001 pieceFarin-Gada27/5/2017
26Cucumber3001 rubber bowlFarin-Gada27/5/2017
27Irish potatoes2,500
Small basket
Medium basket
Big basket
28Sheep (Ram)80,0001Farin-Gada21/6/2017

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