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Taraba is a state in Nigeria, named after the Taraba River which traverses the southern part of the state. Taraba's capital is Jalingo.The state was created out of the former Gongola State on 27 August 1991, by the military government of General Ibrahim Babangida.
Taraba State lies largely within the middle of Nigeria and consists of undulating landscape dotted with a few mountainous features. These include the scenic and prominent Mambilla Plateau. The state lies largely within the tropical zone and has a vegetation of low forest in the southern part and grassland in the northern part. The Mambilla Plateau with an altitude of 1,800 meters (6000 ft) above sea level has a temperate climate all year round.
The agrarian nature and rich alluvial tract of soil found in most parts of the State makes Taraba State conducive for growing  various food and cash crops. Its agrarian economy can sustain the entire Nigeria nation. The dry and rainy season common to tropical regions are also the dominant climatic features. The rainy season starts in April and ends in October, while the dry season begins in November and terminates in March.
The dry Season reaches its peak in January and February when the dusty north-east trade winds blow across the state. The climatic, soil and hydrology of the State provide a conducive atmosphere for the cultivation of most staple food crops, grazing land for animals and fresh water for fishing as well as forestry. 
The major occupation of the people of Taraba State is agriculture. Cash crops produced in the state include coffee, tea, groundnuts and cotton. Crops such as maize, rice, sorghum, millet, cassava, and yam are also produced in commercial quantity. In addition, cattle, sheep and goats are reared in large numbers, especially on the Mambilla Plateau, and along the Benue and Taraba valleys. Similarly, the people undertake other livestock production activities like poultry production, rabbit breeding and pig farming in fairly large scale. Communities living on the banks of River Benue, River Taraba, River Donga and Ibi engage in fishing all year round. Other occupational activities such as pottery, cloth-weaving, dyeing, mat-making, carving, embroidery and blacksmithing are also carried out in various parts of the State.

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