Top agricultural companies in Nigeria.

These top 10 agricultural companies in Nigeria are the leaders of the market who support the industry and provide the country with important products. Read on to see the list.

Leading agricultural companies in Nigeria Agriculture is a significant branch of the Nigerian economy. Today this industry is quite developed, and there are top agricultural companies, here we have the overview of top 10 farms.

Obasanjo farm (Ota farm) company

The owner of this company is Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, he is also known as a retired army officer, and politician. His farming company is known as Ota farm, but the full name is Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Limited. The company was opened on October 8, 1979. In the beginning, the staff of the company consisted of four bulldozer operators and now the number of workers is about 7,000. Obasanjo farm played an important role in the development of agriculture in Nigeria. The company was a pioneer of mechanization in the industry and this is one of the reasons for its success. Obasanjo farm considers agriculture as a profitable and vital industry important for all spheres of life. Today a high-class expert manages the company. The territory of the farm is around 30 thousand hectares.

Maizube farms

The owner of this company is General Abdulsalami Abubakar, he is also known for his military and political career. Maizube Farms Limited plays an important role in the development of agriculture in the country in this era. The farm is located in Minna, Niger State. It is a 500-hectare multi-product farm that has crop and livestock sections. The company is considered as one of the most stable sources of animal and crop products.

Sebore farms

The owner of this company is Admiral Murtala Nyako, he is also known as executive governor of Adamawa State. Admiral Murtala is not only a successful politician but also one of the most successful farmers in Nigeria. Sebore company is a multipurpose farm situated in Mayo Belwa, Adamawa State. This is one of the largest mechanized farms in the country.

Anandaruya farms

The president/CEO of the company is Usman Dantata Jr. The large company is a poultry farm located in Tiga, Bebej, Kano State. The company was founded by Alhaji Usman Sanusi Dantata in the 1960s. Now the company produces above 3, 000 broilers weekly. The company is considered the most viable farm in the country at the present time.

Ojemai farms company

This is another modern agricultural company in Nigeria that makes a great contribution to the development of the agricultural sector of the country. The company was established in 1984 as a provider of pork and turkey meat. After the years of development it started the production of broilers, fish fingerling, catfish. Today the company is one of the nation’s pride in the agricultural sector.

Jovana farming company

The company is situated in Mushin, Lagos. The specialization of the company is farming of animals grass cutters (greater cane rats), quail, rabbits, guinea pigs, antelope, fish, and so on. The CEO of the farm is Prince Arinze Onebunne, he is also a known consultant in the questions of farming.

Animal care service Konsult

The founder of this company is a veterinary doctor Olatunde Agbato. The firm became a viable player in the agricultural sector. The company does commercial poultry production, aquaculture, commercial livestock feed milling, manufacturing, distribution and procurement of animal health products. The farm also provides expert services of the highest level Animal care started its work in 1979 in Ogere Remo, Ogun State.

Nagari integrated dairy farm

The company has a status of largest single integrated dairy farms in Africa. The territory of a farm is 1,200 hectares and the number of cattle in the farm is more than 7,000. The firm developed its own methodologies of farming and expertise in dairy farming.

Folawiyo farms limited

The company is located in Apapa, Lagos. The date of its foundation is October 4, 1985, today there are several branches of the company across the states of the country. Folawiyo Farms stands on a high position in many aspects of the agriculture industry in the country. The firm works with livestock farming, fish farming, agricultural consultancy, flour milling, engineering and development, farm tools, horticulture, fertilizer services and so on.

Anu-Oluwa farm

The specialization of the company is poultry and egg production and this is one of the largest farms in the country in this sphere of industry. It also sells materials and livestock feeds, day-old chicks, fish and fish fingerlings, table eggs, the point of lays and livestock vaccines. These are the top Nigerian companies in the agricultural sector.

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