We created Ceepass.com to empower rural farmers in Nigeria, says CEO Adama J Adama

Farmers in rural areas across Nigerian have been handed an array of empowerment opportunities, by Ceepas.com, a new digital banking platform.

Among other benefits, the platform provides the option of securing loans without difficulty, a gesture that could help in boosting farming and agribusinesses in general.

With an android phone and an app, farmers even in remote areas can now access instant loans on Ceepass.com without the usual encumbrance of providing collateral or other similar hurdles that frequently truncate efforts to borrow money from traditional lending institutions.

According to Adama J. Adama, CEO of Ceepass: “We understand the importance of availability of funds to farmers, especially, how their productivity can be boosted when they have access to funds, that is why we decided to make loans easily available to farmers that are interested in scaling their farms beyond the peasant boundaries.”

Adama said: “With the world now a global village, farmers in the village can connect with investors who are now putting money in our innovative export financing scheme on Viable X.”

He continued: “Also we attract more investors to contract farming through Ceepass, it means the rural areas will be hosting more large-scale farms under our cluster farming scheme, and by extension more small holder farmers in the rural areas across the country will be gainfully engaged.”

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